So caught up …

Anybody ever have those seriously tough days that you either wish you could do over or perhaps just erase from existence, altogether? Well, today is that kind of a day for me. No worries, though! I’ve put my frustrations into OhMahShizz, in hopes of giving you guys some super cool stuff to look at. I’ve done some more mix-matching, looking to see what kind of a look I could come up with. I think I would call this a “Street Nerd.” What do you guys think? Collared shirt with cardigan from [[FAME]], skinny jeans from *CESTAR* and kicks from ::Zup::. These Vanz are pretty sweet, too. They come in 5 different patters (Poison, Zombie Muffin, Zombie Feet, Dead Doll and Bones). Easy to change it up if you want to match different moods. Check out this [Shag] store on marketplace, too! Really good quality hairs!


Hair :: [Shag] – How Soon Is Now – eve

Tattoo :: –[[FAME]]]– [Confidence Tat]

Shirt/Cardigan :: –[[FAME]]– [PoloCardigan + CollarShirt]Blk-Mesh

Jeans :: *CESTAR* ” Calca HD ” – Blue Dark

Shoes :: ::Zup:: “Unisex” Mesh Sneakers


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