Lazy Swaggin’

First of all, I want to thank all the beautiful viewers and fans and creepers we have out there for showing OhMahShiZz such love over the last few days. You guys are awesome! Please, feel free to let us know if you like what you see or if you absolutely hate it and have suggestions.

Now, for the fashion stuffs.

I was feeling real very serious and thoughtful today, can’t you tell? You may have seen Skyler’s recent post on coming “Together For Sway,” where she explains designer Sway Dench’s recent RL misfortunes and the fundraiser being held in her name. Well, this particular sweater from FATEwear can be found at the Together For Sway event. If you can, make sure to drop by and check out the numerous designers who have set up shop in the name of charity. I’ve paired it with some loose fitting black jeans from flow . and a five o’clock shadow to show just how lazy I can be. 😀


Hairbase :: KUTZ straight fade lo

Facial Hair :: – DAMNED – Beard Style1

Sweater :: FATEwear Shirt – Sidney – Highlands (@ Together For Sway)

Jeans :: flow . jeans deep B


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