Hood up, Suspenders down

I’d like to give Brad Edring, owner of –[[FAME]]–, a shout out for tossing this new Adidaz hoodie at me in a matter of, maybe, 15 minutes after he told me he was working on something new. The dude is talented. Make sure you take a look at that marketplace store, pick up some swag and support him. In other news, your boi reeled in ANOTHER awesome sponsor. Please welcome ..::: JuSt CoOl :::.. to the OhMahShizz list. Skyler and I are seriously working hard to bring you bigger and better shizz.

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Chinstrap 2

(Want more from Unorthodox? Check out the official Blog and Facebook Page)

Tattoo :: B*FLY – Desire Sleeves Tattoo

Hoodie :: –[[FAME]]–Addidaz[Red]-SleevlessHoodie-Mesh

Pants :: ..::: JuSt CoOl :::..Leon Hot Pants

Shoes :: 2Real – Stackz

Pose :: [Expressive Poses] – For Men 1 – FREE


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