Fantasy Faire 2013 – L’Uomo

This is my first year ever setting foot on a Fantasy Faire sim and I’m lucky enough to be one of the event’s bloggers. For the month of April, I’ll be bringing you some of the most wickedly creative avatars, outfits, etc. from Fantasy Faire 2013. It’ll be a new look for me and for SwaggedOut, but it’s going to be fun.

Event Sponsor – L’Uomo


Check this. L’Uomo offers a full mesh avatar “Bruce” which comes with a alpha adjusting HUD. From here, you can add on various outfits such as Predator from LeCock. I could go on and on about the design and details of this look, but it couldn’t compare to the visuals. With the Fantasy Faire sim as the backdrop, the changing colors reflect off of the armor. Plus! The sabers change colors, too!


Titan’s Hollow

L’Uomo – “Bruce” Shape and Mesh Avatar

LeCock – Predator


For more information on Fantasy Faire 2013, check out the official blog!


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