Leave Out All the Rest

Leaving it all behind me as I take a family vacation to the East Coast. For too long, my mind was congested with negativity, but now in the cool breeze surrounded by history, I can breathe a sigh. It’s what I’ve needed for a full year. Breakups, job losses, losing loved ones, etc. Whatever you may have been or are now going through, just take a step out of your comfort zone and breathe. Okay, so I sound like Dr. Phil or something, but it is what it is. As someone who has a fear of flying, I have to thank my friends and family for pushing me onto the plane, almost literally. This week will be worth it!


Hat :: (/H.UP\) Red Speckle Snapback NEW! @ SL Fashion Week

Shirt :: [R3] – Tyson Shirt M [V3] NEW!

Hands :: [CheerNo] Hands_V3_#4_

Pants :: [M.o.w] M&M Capri Pants 11 NEW! @ Fi*Fridays (NEW LOCATION)

Shoes :: [FL] Supra SkyTop II “Black Flag Pack”


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