In the Trenches

The 4th of July is nearly upon us, so why not feature a post in honor of the great red, white and blue? National news has gone through a whirlwind in the last few months, let alone the last few weeks! We’ve seen gun control issues, lives lost due to bombings and government secrets exposed, just to name a few. With all of this said, though, there are numerous reasons to celebrate the land of the free. Equality has made leaps and bounds just in the past week as same-sex couples are now able to receive legal recognition in those states that allow for such marriages. Tell me, why do you celebrate our independence? Is it the fireworks and booze? Or is it something more?

Jayden and I went exploring, as we do from time to time, and found this WW1 tribute sim. It’s really interesting because they give you a free HUD, as well as the option of free soldier or nurse costumes, and as you walk through the sim, poetry of those who fought is read to you. It’s moving, it’s creepy, it’s eye-opening. We were dropped down in the trenches amidst explosions, stray bullets and even RATS! It truly is something to experience. These were the conditions and realities of men who fought for our country.

 Western Front – 1917


Jules’ Swag

Helmet :: Legal Insanity – US helmet NEW! Group Gift for month of July

Ears :: [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver4

Facial Hair :: Fruk Face Fuzz – Stubble


Jacket & Shirt :: [R3] – Silas Jacket [V2] @ She & Him July 5th

Hands :: [CheerNo] Hands_V3_#4

Weapon :: BioNiT’s HL1 MP5 V1.86 (FIRST GUN EVER)

Pants :: AMD – Low Rise Mesh Emo Pants  – Red

Boots :: [ h ] Military Boots – Loose – Men – Black


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