Money On My Mind

Got a couple good ones for you today, Swagsters. Reckless has released a new male tattoo called Homeward. Available in various layers with an option to wear the head portion ONLY, these vibrant colors are sure to help you stand out from the bunch. Also, theACAPULCOgold dropped some new sneakers that I’m obsessed with. Each color (black, gold, red, blue, green) starts with a base of a white shoe with colored accents. With the added HUD, you are able to choose from various patterns to compliment those accents. I’ve chosen the dollar bills in hopes of striking it rich. Well, once I get up off of this couch.


Hair :: Unorthodox – Light Stubble

Facial Hair :: ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair 6ED – 02 Black

Tattoo :: .Reckless. – Homeward NEW!

Jacket :: ~Facella~ Sport Jacket

Jeans :: ‘Blvck Anchor’ V7 Jeans

Sneakers :: ::theACAPULCOgold.::_High_school_SHOCKin NEW!


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