The Proposal

Many will describe Second Life as a game, which it is, very much so. One can frolic about numerous sims, dressed as fanciful creatures, interacting in endless role play with others who hold like interests. Yet there are other aspects of this online realm that can suck so many personality types in. Some might take the professional approach, making a living off of the SL fashion industry, club life, realty, etc. Others, like myself, simply love to explore, make friends and enjoy dodging any drama. Then if it just so happens that you find someone you truly care for, although they may be thousands of miles away, the impact they leave on you is what makes the difference.

This is what Brittni (aka Jayden) is to me. She’s more than a friend made through an online gaming world, she is the one I look forward to meeting face-to-face and carrying our relationship from pixels to flesh. Last night, I wanted to make sure this was crystal clear by proposing and promising to her that my next goal is starting our real life together. The woman behind the avatar is who truly matters, although it helps that her avatar is hot, too!

I love you, baby.


Thank you to LEVENCHY, I could surprise Jayden in style with this Classic Suit.

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