Nightmarish Gaze

Nightmarish Gaze :: BENJAMINZ -  TONY - Addams - TMD - 2Real - SwaggedOut

Hair :: [taketomi]_Pogba_DarkBrowns

Hairbase :: Unorthodox – Usher Mohawk Hair Base Black

Ears :: AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, Stretched

Shades :: DECO – Aviator Sunglasses (Elvis)

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox Blitz Facial Hair



Tattoo :: SwaggedOut – Nightmarish Gaze COMING SOON to 100 Block

Hoodie/Vest :: Addams // Denim Vest for Men w/ T-Shirt & Hoodie //


Pants :: TONY — Hype Slim-fit Cargos – Classic NEW!

Socks :: [Deadwool] Dandy socks


Bat :: [BUC] “Baseball Bat & Nails” Melee Madness

Laying Low

Laying Low :: DAPPA

Hair :: [monso] My Hair – Charles

Eyebrows :: Unorthodox – Arched eyebrows

Ears :: [MANDALA] – Stretched ears-Omimi

Mask :: DAPPA – Bandit – Skully NEW! @ Suicide Dollz

Tattoo :: [Sleepy Bozer] – U Mad Bro?

Bracelets :: [MANDALA] – Bracelets SANKARA

Vest/Shirt :: . potcha & 2 byte . overfit vest

Shorts :: [ BarmaleY ] shorts_samurai

Sneakers :: 2Real – DECAZ

Not Just for Lovers


Sure, Valentine’s Day is geared towards those in love with their significant other, but I’d like to extend the invitation to those of you who might be spending the day alone, to friends, to family. It’s still a day anyone can enjoy. Plus, there’s always the excuse to pig out on chocolate!

Not Just for Lovers :: Thrift Shop 4.0 - DOZZE - ZENTRO

Check out Jayden’s credits HERE!

Not Just for Lovers :: Thrift Shop 4.0 - DOZZE - ZENTRO


Hair :: Unorthodox – Good Hair Fro

Tongue :: [FW] Tongue King Hearts NEW! Thrift Shop 4.0

Tattoo :: [ZENTRO] I Love You More Chest Tattoo RARE NEW! @ Mens Only Gacha 2

Hand Tattoo :: [Sleepy Bozer] – U Mad Bro? (Black) NEW!


Shirt :: DOZZE – Untucked Striped Shirt (Black/Red) NEW!

Jeans :: <kal rau> Casual Jeans M2 Washed

Sneakers :: 2Real – DECAZ


Pose :: [ pose+ivity ]. Back to Back – NEW! @ Thrift Shop 4.0

Leaving On the Red-Eye

This one goes out to my Swagsters in love, REAL love. Those of you who are in love, have been in love, will be in love with someone who’s a lot further away from you than you would ever wish to be. I know how you feel and I know that given the means and the opportunity we would take that red-eye flight, if only to see them for a few hours. Now, I’m terrified of flying, but I would do it to see her. Only difference is, I might not look as swaggy as this dude you see below. Hop over to R3volt for this new Cooper Jacket. Jacket, shirt and tie colors are controlled by a HUD, giving you the option of making it your own.


Hair :: DROT – Benjamin

Hairbase :: Unorthodox – Carter 2 Teal

Shades :: S O R G O – SMQ Shades Wood Sunglasses

Ears :: [MANDALA] – STEKING – ver4

Piercings :: .Pekka. – Canion

Bag :: AITUI – the Last Genesis Bag/Black

Jacket :: [R3] – Cooper Jacket – [V2] NEW!

Jeans :: Praxis – Helix Jeans – Navy

Shoes :: 2REAL – Low Cuttlerz

How to Shop with Your Girlfriend

Lying here, supervising as my girlfriend scurries about the Fi*Fridays event of the week, picking out her favorite must-haves for the week, my mind slips into reality. Tensions have been high lately and stress has been lurking right around the corner just waiting for the best possible moment to spring into action, but I may have stalled it awhile longer. Family, while annoying at times for one in their young adult life, can often times be the one thing you need. I’m thankful to have had them around today to ease my mind. I received some of the best advice from one of my cousins. She said, “Don’t ever let someone discourage you from doing what you love to do.” She looked me dead in the eye and made sure I knew that she was serious. I understand that many are knocked down everyday by the unsupportive, that all they needed was that one person to say “Go for it!” and truly, truly mean it. Not just the generic pat on the back, saying you can do whatever you put your mind to. No, you need someone who sees your interest and believes in you. I found that support today and it feels so comforting to know that there is someone I can count on when I just might need it.

Ok, enough deep thought for today. Check out some new ink, accessories and threads from Reckless, Atooly and LEVENCHY!


Hair :: ICONIC – Gannicus

Bandana :: [Avoid] *MESH* Bandana – Black

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Solid Plug 1″

Face Tattoo :: .Reckless. – Reckless Fuck Face NEW!

Piercings :: .Pekka. Radioactive Unisex Piercing – BLACK

Facial Hair :: ICONIC – Gannicus – Full Beard (included within hair package)

Tattoo :: [Sleepy Bozer] Black Sheep Dirty

Bracelets :: [Atooly] – Bead Bracelets – Black NEW! @ SLFW

Hands :: [CheerNo] Hands_M#4

Tank ::  .Reckless. – tank Nothing Lasts NEW!

Shorts :: LEVENCHY – Pattern II Shorts NEW!

Shoes :: 2Real – DECAZ

Stache This!

I sure hope everyone’s saved up their lindens because tomorrow, August 9, marks the beginning of Round 2 of The Thrift Shop, presented by Depraved Nation. Now if you were new to SecondLife or living under a rock during the first run, let me paint this picture for you. Imagine a warehouse filled with aisles upon aisles of eye-catching trends. Yeah, it’s like two Super Walmarts of stuff! WITH GACHAS! You will be broke, I assure you. Run out and DJ, host, build, upload your RL weekly earnings, etc. because you will need them.

Throughout the month of August, I will be sharing with my Swagsters just a hint of what can be found at The Thrift Shop. Below, I’ve pictured some awesome glasses with mustache attached from Forever Young, available in various colors, and one of three tattoos released by ZENTRO.


Hat/Hair :: *ARGRACE* Straw Fedora/Crosby

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] Stretched Ears “1

Glasses :: :FY: Like A Sir Glasses NEW! Gacha @ The Thrift Shop (Aug. 9)

Piercings :: .Pekka. Canion Unisex Piercing – Black NEW! @ TMD

Tattoo :: [ZENTRO] Rockabilly NEW! @ The Thrift Shop (Aug. 9)

Shirt :: / XIAJ / Zig Zag Tee

Shorts :: kal rau – Casual Shorts – Blue

Shoes :: 2Real – Holbrookz

Pose :: Unorthodox Animations – Purple Haze NEW! @ The Thrift Shop (Aug. 9)


Hey Swagsters!  Funny to think that not too long ago, SwaggedOut was just a baby. I would bust my ass to land syndication on various feeds, work with some of the most creative and generous sponsors and in turn spark some interest in you guys. I’m very proud of where the blog is going and thankful for everyone’s support.

A while back, my SecondLife account was hit by a hacker. It was ugly. Photos were taken and posted on some horrible blog, exposing an endless number of individuals for one reason or another. Sick. At that time, the blog took a few blows. I lost a few sponsors, one of them being AITUI. Spamming groups with random links is never good, kids. Anyways, AITUI’s back! Check out this tank and camera. The tank is a perfect fit and the camera is simply badass. It works for every look from Tourist to Professional Creeper, I mean, Photographer!



Hat :: [Avoid] Sideway Fitted – Free Group Gift

Hairbase :: Unorthodox – Wave 18

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Guapo Goatee

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Stay Alive tattoo faded blk NEW!

Camera :: AITUI – Sweiss Cam NEW!

Tank :: AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY – Lions Tank – Dusty NEW!

Pants :: VELOCITY – Leather Slouch Pant – Boys of Summer

Shoes :: 2Real – Stackz

Pose :: Shey – Pose 39 – Mad Pea Room 326 Hunt

Indonesian Temple and Random Ramblings

I can honestly say that I have never been to an Indonesian temple and I most likely will never have the RL chance to visit one. Yet with the creativity of those actually make things, and are good at it, in SecondLife, I have my chance. Look, I even made a new friend! Not one of these new items are necessarily anything that I’m required to blog for anyone, really. I simply tossed a look together and, by process of elimination, found a cool spot to take a picture in and voila! here you have it. That’s really how most if not all of my blogging goes. I don’t plan things. I open up the inventory and just start adding and detaching and replacing this and deleting that. Whatever comes of it and strikes me as cool is what I show you guys. To me, it comes across as more real, I think. I know that’s how I get dressed in the real world. How about you?


Hair/Hat :: [Atro Patena] – Bang Bang_Brown NEW!

Hairbase :: eep . hair base . male . browns . tintable

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Tunnel Hybrid 1″

Glasses :: TBF Sunglasses – The Grid NEW! @ Room 326 Mad Pea 

Facial Hair :: ::Fe Style:: – Facial Hair 3ED – 5

Piercings :: :Hebenon Vial: MALE MOD: Against the Stream [Ink] *Mesh*

Tattoo :: [boss] Tattoo – The end is near [Fresh] – She&Him 

Shirt :: Razor /// Rebel Button Up NEW! @  Seraphim Social

Pants :: UrbnWMaleMeshSkinnyPants – Nudie-ThinnFinn – Gray NEW!Boys of Summer

Shoes :: 2Real – Decaz NEW!

Hidden In Plain Sight


Shape :: [BODY FACTORY] Chicharito Shape (m) Mouth 02 @ Boys of Summer

Hat :: Legal Insanity – ascot flat cap Funky w/HUD NEW!

Tattoo :: .Identity.  – Evil Inside  [Faded] NEW! @She & Him

Shirt :: MUSCHI – Restful (T-shirt) black

Pants :: Legal Insanity – byron loose pants – pinstripes rubine NEW!

Shoes :: 2Real – HOLBROOKZ

Pose :: Apple Spice – Cocky Male Pose 008 NEW!Boys of Summer

First Day of Summer

Grab your detective’s hat and magnifying glass because the hottest hunt of the summer is on!

The Endless Summer Hunt touches 100 stores grid-wide and offers fashions for both men AND women. Click the image below for more info!

For the next for weeks, I’ll be sharing glimpses of what you just might find on the hunt, if you’re lucky enough to find it! Guys, this first one is for you. The small handlebar beard from Fe Style and tribal tattoo from Zentro are must haves, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure where these stops fall on the hunt, but you’ll want to tough it out for these.


Jules’ Swag

Hair :: [Atro Patena] – Jack_Brown

Eyebrows :: Unorthodox  Thick Eyebrows left cuts (Tintable)

Piercings :: .:ellabella:.  Morph

Ears :: [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver4

Facial Hair :: ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair – 1st stop @  Endless Summer Hunt

Tattoo :: [ZENTRO] Tribal tattoo – 1st stop @  Endless Summer Hunt

Bracelets :: 22769 ~ [homme] Leather Bracelet Brown/Silver

Hands :: [CheerNo] Hands_V3_#4

Tank :: [R3] – Mens Tank  – Long Beach

Shorts :: <kal rau> Casual Shorts_Blue

Shoes :: 2Real – Holbrookz

Layin’ Around

Only available for ONE MONTH at the ATELIER KRESLO event!!

Benches :: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Diesel Works Coffee Bench white nature 1 & 2 NEW!

Sign :: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Life is good at the beach sign NEW!