Slow and Steady

The name of this post says it all. Jayden laughs at me because it can take me so long to prepare and publish a blog post. She pops those suckers out within 30 minutes, sometimes. Me, I guess I’m just slow. LOL Today was even worse, though, because of the rolling restarts across the server and crazy lag I experienced even while my graphics were on the lowest setting possible. Not to mention, I took 12 shots before I finally got the two I was really satisfied with. Needless to say, I put in some good time and effort into this thing.

These items aren’t really any sponsored releases, but I’ve been a shopping fool lately with the opening of The Arcade and Black Friday sales, so I tossed a look together to show off. Enjoy!



Hat :: 8f8_RACCOON Hat NEW! @ The Arcade

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Tunnel Hybrid 1″

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Guapo Goatee

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Balance & Composure

Hoodie :: [ dynasty ] –  Winter Hoodie – Ocean *RARE* NEW! @ The Arcade

Jeans :: BLK2.0 MALEBAGGY_SWIZZ  WhiteJeans

Sneakers :: [FL] Supra SkyTop II Navy Blue/Gold Full Grain