Apple May Designs

Anchor Down

Anchor Down :: American Bazaar - Illmatic - Unorthodox - FLite - She & Him


Hair :: ILLMATIC :: Frenchie – Chocolate with Noir hairbase NEW! @ Kustom9

Ears :: Speakeasy– Modified Ears NEW!

Tattoo :: SOURIRES TATTOOS. – Dark cloud TATTOO NEW! @ She & Him


Bracelet & Ring :: -FAUN- Tora Unisex Set -Silver- NEW! @ Kustom9

Shirt :: [AB] SS with tie Plaid NEW!The Dark Style Fair

Sweats :: Apple May Designs – Bummin’ It – Blue

Sandals :: FLite.-Resorts Black Mens NEW! @ Kustom9


Poses :: Unorthodox

Caught Up in a Dream

Damn, reality caught up to me and has seriously put my butt in check. So much to catch up with and show ya’ll! Whatever free time I have will be spent blogging and creating for the store. Got some great ideas I need to make happen SOON!

Look #1

Caught Up in a Dream :: AITUI - Unorthodox - Speakeasy


Hair :: Unorthodox – Fli Guy Mohawk NEW!

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Seven Deadly Sins NEW!


Glasses :: AMD – Broken Nerd Glasses – Red

Cardigan :: AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY – Spring Cardigan – Black NEW!

Shorts :: [ BarmaleY ] pants_Karlo_Brown


Poses :: Unorthodox :: Chance & Alex NEW!

Look #2

Caught Up in a Dream :: Fe Style - Deadwool - Speakeasy


Cap :: [Deadwool] Vinicio cap – dark grey NEW!

Shirt :: {Fe Style} BBB1 – Tee V.2 NEW! @ Fi*Fridays


Comic Fair, Here I Come!

This post is pretty darn random, but I’m making it work. Two pretty awesome things happened to me the other day. First, I received my acceptance as a designer for The Comic Fair held this April! Then, R3volt sent out their blogger packs for their Mens Only Gacha items. Yeah, the event is now over, so I waited a good long time for these onesies. Therefore, there was NOway I was going without blogging these Batman PJs. So with this EPIA duffle bag and my Geek. watch, I am going to be well prepared and on-time for this awesome opportunity! Stay tuned for looks into what SwaggedOut has in-store for these upcoming events!

Comic Fair, Here I Come! :: R3volt - EPIA - The Thrift Shop 4.0


Hair :: [INK] Hair___AGAINST ::Black


Glasses :: Apple May – Broken Nerd Glasses – Red

Watch :: [geek.] Jay’s Gamegeek -Black- NEW!Thrift Shop 4.0

Pajamas :: [R3] – Batman Pjs


Bag :: (epia) – Dufflebag

Pose :: Poseology – Jumpin’ Jack

I See You!

This time around, little Pita Pocket (owner of {Pita Pocket} an amazingly creative toodleedoo store) is playing a game of Peek-A-Boo with me! I really am enjoying featuring my family in these photos. Stay tuned for many more!

Thrift Shop Round 3 – Nov. 10th – Dec. 1st



Beanie :: (AMD) Beanies – Riot NEW! @ TMD

Facial Hair :: ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair 7ED – 1 – Brown

Hand Tattoos :: Elska – The F!*$ing Knuckles Hud NEW!

Sweatshirt :: flow . Sweatshirt Element 7 – Liquid Mesh

Jeans :: .Reckless. – Indigo Wash Jeans – Thrift Shop Round 3 (Coming Soon!)

Thriftshop Flyer 3.0 Nov 2013

Caught Pink-Handed

Everything is pink for a reason, guys and gals. In honor of breast cancer awareness, Unorthodox is selling two versions of the hair base seen above and below. All pink and blonde with a pink ribbon. Join the cause and purchase yours today. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Don’t forget!

Mens Only Gacha :: Open Now

Depraved Nation presents The Body Modification Expo :: Oct. 10th (tomorrow)



Hair :: Unorthodox – Breast Cancer Awareness Hair base NEW!

Eyes :: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. (Riverbero; draco) mesh eyes NEW! @ The Body Modification Expo

Bandaid :: Apple May Designs – Wrecked Band Aids – FU *RARE* NEW! Mens Only Gacha

Facial Hair :: ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair 6ED

Chest Implant :: :Z.S: Hollow Star Chest Implant NEW! @ The Body Modification Expo

Horns :: :Z.S: Fleshy Chest Horns NEW!

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Valient_Owl Tattoo NEW!

Gloves :: (F.A.D.) Knucklez Zippered Leather Gloves NEW! @ The Body Modification Expo

Jayden’s Swag

Click here for credits!


Pose :: Bounce This Poses – Busted

Car :: .::P&W::. N – ms 38 Pink v12 NEW!

Death is riding into town with armor

Halloween is fast approaching, bois and ghouls. I was feeling a bit adventurous the other day, wondering if I could successfully put a more sinister look together. What do you think?


Hair :: [taketomi] – Willy – Black

Horns :: [ContraptioN] – Great Taurus Horns

Necklace :: [MANDALA] ERO-SENSEI – Necklace – BLACK

Coat :: [Deadwool] – Duster coat – black NEW!

Rings :: [MANDALA] – mens SINRA NAIL/samurai black

Pants :: AMD – Low Rise Mesh Emo Pants – Black

Boots :: DRD – chain boot – black

In the Trenches

The 4th of July is nearly upon us, so why not feature a post in honor of the great red, white and blue? National news has gone through a whirlwind in the last few months, let alone the last few weeks! We’ve seen gun control issues, lives lost due to bombings and government secrets exposed, just to name a few. With all of this said, though, there are numerous reasons to celebrate the land of the free. Equality has made leaps and bounds just in the past week as same-sex couples are now able to receive legal recognition in those states that allow for such marriages. Tell me, why do you celebrate our independence? Is it the fireworks and booze? Or is it something more?

Jayden and I went exploring, as we do from time to time, and found this WW1 tribute sim. It’s really interesting because they give you a free HUD, as well as the option of free soldier or nurse costumes, and as you walk through the sim, poetry of those who fought is read to you. It’s moving, it’s creepy, it’s eye-opening. We were dropped down in the trenches amidst explosions, stray bullets and even RATS! It truly is something to experience. These were the conditions and realities of men who fought for our country.

 Western Front – 1917


Jules’ Swag

Helmet :: Legal Insanity – US helmet NEW! Group Gift for month of July

Ears :: [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver4

Facial Hair :: Fruk Face Fuzz – Stubble


Jacket & Shirt :: [R3] – Silas Jacket [V2] @ She & Him July 5th

Hands :: [CheerNo] Hands_V3_#4

Weapon :: BioNiT’s HL1 MP5 V1.86 (FIRST GUN EVER)

Pants :: AMD – Low Rise Mesh Emo Pants  – Red

Boots :: [ h ] Military Boots – Loose – Men – Black

Park Avenue

Did you miss me?! 😀

While it’s great to get away from the virtual world and spend time with real family on a fantastic vacation, I sure did miss blogging. Crazy how things become a part of you and you don’t truly realize it until you’re without for awhile. Anyways, big things are still poppin’ off here at SwaggedOut. theACAPULCOgold has hopped on board as one of my awesome sponsors. These turtle glasses are just the first of many things to be featured on the blog, so be on the lookout.


 Also, take a closer look at the new mesh eyes from Zombie Suicide. They come with a HUD, allowing you to change between four different colors.  Might come in handy for those of you who like the dark/demon looks.



Hair :: *Dura-Boys&Girls*39(Dark Brown)resize

Eyes :: :Z.S: Wrath Eyes (mesh) NEW! @ Perfect Wardrobe

Glasses :: ::theACAPULCOgold.::._LasVegas_Glasses_City TURTLE NEW!

Ears :: [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver4

Piercings :: :Hebenon Vial: MALE MOD: Against the Stream [Ink] *Mesh*

Necklace :: napoliy Antique Necklace o1 (key)

Coat :: [R3] – Byron Coat [V2] NEW!

Tattoo :: Endless Pain – TikiTaka NEW! @ The Thrift Shop

Boxers :: DOZZE – Boxers (Blue) 1

Pants :: Apple May Designs – Low Rise Mesh Emo Pants – Red

Shoes :: 2Real – Holbrookz

Pose :: Unorthodox – Made Man – 1