Black Friday

Slow and Steady

The name of this post says it all. Jayden laughs at me because it can take me so long to prepare and publish a blog post. She pops those suckers out within 30 minutes, sometimes. Me, I guess I’m just slow. LOL Today was even worse, though, because of the rolling restarts across the server and crazy lag I experienced even while my graphics were on the lowest setting possible. Not to mention, I took 12 shots before I finally got the two I was really satisfied with. Needless to say, I put in some good time and effort into this thing.

These items aren’t really any sponsored releases, but I’ve been a shopping fool lately with the opening of The Arcade and Black Friday sales, so I tossed a look together to show off. Enjoy!



Hat :: 8f8_RACCOON Hat NEW! @ The Arcade

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Tunnel Hybrid 1″

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Guapo Goatee

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Balance & Composure

Hoodie :: [ dynasty ] –  Winter Hoodie – Ocean *RARE* NEW! @ The Arcade

Jeans :: BLK2.0 MALEBAGGY_SWIZZ  WhiteJeans

Sneakers :: [FL] Supra SkyTop II Navy Blue/Gold Full Grain


Black Friday

Black Friday Sales!

Elska – select items are 50% off

BlackLiquid – 50% off storewide

While you’re out saving lindens with  Black Friday specials, be sure to stop by Unorthodox where Tonio Harmison has been busy at work. I must have received 10 blogger packs last night stuffed  with various goodies. From hair to accessories to clothing, Unorthodox/Xodohtronu has something for everyone, including the ladies. Also, FadeArcade is constantly releasing new and unique meshes. The latest is this Ninja Hoodie featured below. You are given options of hoodie and mask placements like Hoodie Up and Mask Down or Hoodie Down and Mask Up, you get the idea. Gloves are also included along with color changing HUDs.



Hair :: Unorthodox – Big Hair NEW!

Scar :: Unorthodox – Eye Scar NEW!

Hoodie :: F.A.D. – Ninja Hoodie w/gloves NEW!

Pants :: Xodohtronu – Harem Pants – El Tigre NEW!


Poses :: Unorthodox Poses – Kevin NEW!