Boys of Summer

You Make It Real

I’m sure many of you Swagsters are male or play male avatars in-world, right? Okay, then most of you will know that too many of the fashion events around the grid lack male items. The girls get all the goods and what about us? Left out in the cold with maybe a cap and a good pair of jeans? Pfft! Events such as Boys of Summer, which ends today, do a fantastic job at promoting those designers who create mens and unisex clothing. Male avatars with less than 50k items in their inventory salute you! Having said all this, I don’t want to completely kick the female fashion-filled events to the curb.

SL Fashion Week, for instance, is a great setup and another great way to discover different designers and swag to buy for your girlfriends. So as a sponsor of SwaggedOut, how is an event such as this heavily girly one best represented on a predominantly male fashion blog? With my shopaholic girlfriend at my side, of course. The good sport took her time shashaying around SLFW, buying up her favorites from Atooly, Pink Acid and others, and then posed with me for a good 30 minutes while I messed about with windlight settings for a photo. Definitely a trooper!

And get over to XIAJ! The sim is an amazing trip through a grungy subway station, hopping from hidden door to hidden door for each department. Ladies, hop on your man’s back if you don’t want to mess up your pretty manicured toes because you’ll be able to find clothes, shoes and accessories for you here, as well!


Jayden’s Swag

Hair :: fri. – Tatum – Cranky Brown

Bow :: [Atooly] Pretty Bow – Headband White – NEW! @ SLFW

Shades :: Cestar [ Retro Glasses ]::Color: silver/white

Ears :: [MANDALA] STEKING ears

Nose Piercing :: -SU!- Dilated Septum Piercing

Cheek Piercings :: -UtopiaH-  Slippery Piercing – No/S

Lip Gloss :: Pink Acid My Goth Lip Gloss – NEW!SLFW

Necklace :: Candy Crunchers – Jeweled ball necklace -Black/Ruby – NEW!SLFW

Tattoo :: Vestigium – Tribe Wrists Tattoo

Hands :: Slink Mesh Hand Casual

Ring :: Olive. SL FAshion Week Group Gift – Binding Black Bow Ring

Bracelet (L) :: .:Useful Things:. nogi bracelet mesh black/silver

Bracelet (R) :: Cae :: Kasbah :: Bracelet

Dress :: [LF] Breast Doll Dress Red – NEW!SLFW

Socks :: .:cheeky:. Punki Socks Black

Sneakers :: XIAJ Checkered High Tops NEW!

Jules’ Swag

Hat :: [Gold] 5 Panel Leather Brim Middle Red – NEW!SLFW

Hairbase :: **JOMO** etched hair 02a


Piercings :: :Hebenon Vial: MALE MOD: Against the Stream [Ink] *Mesh*

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox Chin Patch

Tattoo :: .Identity. Body Shop – Black Stripes III Faded [Tattoo] NEW!

Shirt :: / XIAJ / Live Fast Live Forever Tee

Shorts :: / XIAJ / Anarchy Long Shorts

Sneakers :: / XIAJ / Japan High Tops NEW!

Pose :: PURPLE POSES – Couple 296 – NEW!SLFW

Jedi Force

Ever felt like you could do just about anything? Like you have Jedi Force super strength? Awww, yeah! In honor of Comic-Con which just ended yesterday after a 5-day stint in San Diego, I’ve decided to add a little nerd to my swag today. Yeah, I may not know the ins and outs of the Star Wars franchise, but I am definitely a fan.

So thanks to Velocity, now featured at the Boys of Summer event, I can let my nerd flag fly. Don’t think I’m leaving the cool factor at home, though. I never leave home without it. Take a look at these new cargo shorts from R3volt. They come with a HUD that can customize absolutely every inch of material. From the belt to the lining, your shorts can be like none other. To top off the look, I tossed on these 90’s Retro’ glasses. They’re scripted with a resize menu that definitely comes in handy.


Hair :: Unorthodox – JolieDopa PonyTail

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Tunnel Hybrid 1″

Glasses :: Retro’ – sunglasses ’90 white NEW! @ Boys of Summer

Tattoo :: .Identity.  – Dark Side  [Faded] Tattoo NEW! @  Boys of Summer

Shirt :: VELOCITY Jedi M-Tricks Tee NEW! @ Boys of Summer

Shorts :: [R3] – Brian Cargo Shorts [V3] NEW!

Shoes :: [FL] Supra SkyTop II Just Blaze X NEW!Fi*Fridays

Pose :: .::SAAL::. Boys of Summer 3 NEW! Boys of Summer

Blind Date

SwaggedOut has added another new sponsor to the ranks!

Help me in welcoming Retro’! This delicious looking ice cream cone, strawberry flavored, can be found at the Food Fair. Yeah, it’s not real. I mean. It wouldn’t be real anyways, but it’s really not real. Oh, just go buy it already! It makes for great decoration or perhaps a good gag gift!


Beanie :: ::Fe Style::  Mesh Beanie – Rich NEW! @ Fi*Fridays

Hairbase :: Unorthodox – Mohawk

Facial Hair :: ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair 5ED – 2 – Light

Piercings :: :Hebenon Vial: MALE MOD: Against the Stream [Ink] *Mesh*

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: King without a crown tattoo Faded NEW!

Bracelet (R) :: Uncut Cross Bracelet – Black Pearl

Bracelet (L) :: **RE** Rebel Faith Bracelet – Male

Polo :: DOZZE – Striped Polo Shirt *MESH* (Black/Grey) NEW!


Shoes :: 2Real – 2R1

Bag :: AITUI – the Last Genesis Bag – Black_Arm NEW!Boys of Summer

Ice Cream Cone :: Retro’ – flower Ice Cream strawberry NEW! @ Food Fair

Missed the Bus

Damn! I missed my ride, but I guess it gives me more time to share my new swag. 😉

Hair Fair 2013

Alright, so hands down, these S-Curls are the best style to come out of Unorthodox. The detail and time put into each strand by Tonio seriously blows my mind. The style is unisex, but is only available at the Hair Fair until July 28th. Purchases made at the event benefit the Wigs for Kids charity. It’s pretty awesome because the sim reflects a childlike atmosphere, showcasing each store within Lego blocks!

Hair Fair – Harbour – Unorthodox

Boys of Summer – cont.

So I’ve received tons of review packs from this event, right? Does it keep me from checking BoS out in pixel? HELL NAW! I like to think that this chest piece tat from GOLA is a way to warn your girl that you like to get rough and kinky with it before actually taking it there. OR you could scare them out of dragging you along to dinner with your mother-in-law with some foreshadowing? Moving on … these canvas sneakers from XIAJ are making their 3rd appearance on the blog simply because there are a lot of them and they look good. Period. Lastly, the Jumpin’ Jack poses over at Poseology just needed to be used.  Keep in mind, these are BoS exclusives, Swagsters.

Other New Goodies!

We’ve also got some new releases from a couple SwaggedOut’s sponsors. R3volt just released this badass Michael Jacket (get it? Michael Jacket? LOL) the other night. Each aspect of the jacket can change color via HUD. Be unique and style it your own way! Last but not least, Speakeasy has been MIA from the blog for some time now, but I’m glad to welcome JamesEdwardQ Resident back to the sponsor list with these yellow/anchored pants.  James likes to keep the bloggers busy, so Speakeasy will be in quite a few of the next posts, I’m sure.


Hair :: Unorthodox – S-Curl Black NEW!Hair Fair – Harbour – Unorthodox

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Guapo Full Beard Design 2

Tattoo :: G O L A #Scchhh! * NEW!Boys of Summer

Jacket :: [R3] – Michael Jacket [V3] w/HUD NEW!

Pants :: Speakeasy :: Anchor print jeans NEW!

Shoes :: / XIAJ / Canvas Sneakers (Oatmeal)  NEW! Boys of Summer

Pose :: Poseology – Jumpin’ Jack 6 NEW!Boys of Summer

Hidden In Plain Sight


Shape :: [BODY FACTORY] Chicharito Shape (m) Mouth 02 @ Boys of Summer

Hat :: Legal Insanity – ascot flat cap Funky w/HUD NEW!

Tattoo :: .Identity.  – Evil Inside  [Faded] NEW! @She & Him

Shirt :: MUSCHI – Restful (T-shirt) black

Pants :: Legal Insanity – byron loose pants – pinstripes rubine NEW!

Shoes :: 2Real – HOLBROOKZ

Pose :: Apple Spice – Cocky Male Pose 008 NEW!Boys of Summer

Summer Breeze


Hair :: [BURLEY]_Jimmy_Black01

Hairbase :: ::Exile:Hairbase2: Black Gold

Glasses :: -Entente- Savant Glasses

Ears :: [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver4

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Chinstrap 2

Hands :: [CheerNo] Hands_V3_#4

Tank :: AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY – Ethnic Tank 02 NEW!Boys of Summer

Shorts :: D R O P . Summer Shorts (Beige) NEW!Boys of Summer

Feet :: Slink – Mens Natural Feet & Aussie Thongs Black Add-Ons

Pose :: Unorthodox Animations – Faded 4


Honestly, I received some new items from a few of my generous sponsors, through trial and error, tossed an outfit together and decided to blog it for all of you to see. This one might be random, but I assure you there will be so much more to come!


Beanie :: StrangeSociety [Beanie] fatigue blue NEW!

Ears :: [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver4

Facial Hair :: Fruk face fuzz – Free goatee

Tattoo :: .:SS:. CUT THROAT TATTOO dark 2 NEW!

Necklace :: .Pekka. Razor cross necklace – Male – Black silver NEW! @ TMD

Hoodie :: ~Facella~ Open Hood red NEW!

Pants :: ::JLB:: Apparel – Zippered Pants – Black Pinstripe NEW!

Shoes :: / XIAJ / Canvas Sneakers (Grey) NEW!Boys of Summer

Pose :: Blvck Anchor – Bum NEW!

Fi*Fridays, The Mens Department & Boys of Summer

Lots to cover so let’s just get to it!

Fi*Fridays is all new for another week as of this past Friday (obviously).

Most of the place is filled up with fashions for the ladies, but if you keep an eye out, there’s some good pickings for the guys. Make sure to stop over at ::Fe Style:: where you can find a new group of 3 quarter-length sleeve shirts. Each one has a different pattern so you can buy them all and switch it up! 55L each!

The Mens Dept. opened up on the 5th and will last for the month. I’ve already been and spent more lindens than I anticipated!

SwaggedOut’s sponsor Sleepy Bozer has a sister store represented at the event, Valley Parks. There you will find the tattoo I’m sporting. This one is in color, but the black version can be found at the mainstore. Plus, I came across this new necklace from Pekka and the parka from Villena while I was there. This parka is pretty badass. As you can see, I’ve paired it with a shirt, but it comes separately in different colors. Both female and male sizes in one single pack.

Last, but not least, is Depraved Nation’s Boys of Summer event. It opens tomorrow and I am HELLA excited.

I’ve been receiving tons and tons of items from various designers that will be featured here on the blog at some point during the next month. Not sure what the setup will be yet, but you’ll find the XIAJ sneakers and jeans from GLO*Mart somewhere on the premises!

Okay, did I forget anything? Whew! Get to shopping!


Hairbase :: Unorthodox – Carter hair – Brown

Shades :: [whatever] sunglasses – black [GOLD transparent]

Necklace :: .Pekka. Razor cross necklace – Male NEW! @ TMD

Tattoo :: -Valley Park- Ally Moss (Black) Color version NEW! @ TMD

Sweater :: ::Fe Style:: 3Q Sleeve Sweater NEW! @ Fi*Fridays

Jacket :: .:villena:. – Parka NEW! @ TMD

Jeans :: GLO*Mart Belted Lazy Butt jeans – black/brown NEW!Boys of Summer

Shoes :: / XIAJ / Canvas Sneakers (Black) NEW! 75L gachaBoys of Summer

Pose ::  Unorthodox Animations – Show-Out 3



Hope everyone is enjoying a day off filled with family, friends and food! I know I am. BUT! Before I get to the grub, I want to share some swag with you. While looking for new sponsors for SwaggedOut, I happened upon StrangeSociety. Fashion for both males and females, along with male shapes and accessories, the shop is trendy and a nice backdrop for a little get together. Matter of fact, drop in and you just might see me lounging around the big screen TV.  Check the store out here or hop over to their Marketplace. There’s tons more on Marketplace than what you may find in-store, by the way.

Also, mark your calendars bois and boys! Depraved Nation’s Boys of Summer event begins in just 4 days on July 8th and lasts until July 31st. This is an all male avatar event and I’m pretty sure I will go broke. You can find poses like this one from Apple Spice there. For more information follow this link.


Beanie :: StrangeSociety [Beanie] 1987

Hair :: Unorthodox – Wave 17 (Darker)

Beard & Scar :: – DAMNED – Beard Style1 / Scar

Ears :: [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver4


Coat :: switch. Achtung! Mens {Mesh) Coat

Boxers :: DOZZE – Boxers (Blue) 1

Jeans :: [Pumpkin]Low jeans

Pose :: Apple Spice – Cocky Male Pose 009 NEW! @ Boys of Summer (July 8th)