Hair Fair

Where Dafuq…?

Where Dafuq? :: SwaggedOut - Speakeasy - Fe Style

Hair :: [Damselfly] – Felix NEW! @ The Hair Fair

Tattoo :: SwaggedOut – Daggerfly Tat NEW!

Shirt :: Fe Style – My Fuc&@^ Summertime –  Tee V.2

Leg Tattoo :: Speakeasy – Monster Owl Leg Tattoo NEW! 

Photo Taken @ The Cornfield

Follow Your Lead

Lots of events coming at you, Swagsters!

Be sure to check out Project Limited, Suicide Dollz, The Gacha Mania and, of course, Hair Fair! With each wig purchase, 25% will be donated to Wigs for Kids. Happy shopping!

Follow Your Lead :: Hair Fair - Project Limited - The Gacha Mania - Suicide Dollz


Hair :: UNORTHODOX Fizz Curls – Noir with Mohawk HB – Chocolate NEW! @ Hair Fair

Eyebrows :: Unorthodox Worries Eyebrows

Nose Piercing :: DAPPA – Septum v2 (Black) NEW! @ Project Limited

Facial Hair :: Speakeasy :: Swav Facial hair Black

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Fuk the system Tat NEW! @ Suicide Dollz

Jeans :: ..::: JuSt CoOl :::..Leon Hot Pants

Snapback :: [BUC] “King of Hearts” Fifty-5C Snapback RARE NEW! @ The Gacha Mania

Sneakers :: FLite. Masters Red NEW! @ Project Limited

Pose :: the pose shop. 16 NEW!

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Missed the Bus

Damn! I missed my ride, but I guess it gives me more time to share my new swag. 😉

Hair Fair 2013

Alright, so hands down, these S-Curls are the best style to come out of Unorthodox. The detail and time put into each strand by Tonio seriously blows my mind. The style is unisex, but is only available at the Hair Fair until July 28th. Purchases made at the event benefit the Wigs for Kids charity. It’s pretty awesome because the sim reflects a childlike atmosphere, showcasing each store within Lego blocks!

Hair Fair – Harbour – Unorthodox

Boys of Summer – cont.

So I’ve received tons of review packs from this event, right? Does it keep me from checking BoS out in pixel? HELL NAW! I like to think that this chest piece tat from GOLA is a way to warn your girl that you like to get rough and kinky with it before actually taking it there. OR you could scare them out of dragging you along to dinner with your mother-in-law with some foreshadowing? Moving on … these canvas sneakers from XIAJ are making their 3rd appearance on the blog simply because there are a lot of them and they look good. Period. Lastly, the Jumpin’ Jack poses over at Poseology just needed to be used.  Keep in mind, these are BoS exclusives, Swagsters.

Other New Goodies!

We’ve also got some new releases from a couple SwaggedOut’s sponsors. R3volt just released this badass Michael Jacket (get it? Michael Jacket? LOL) the other night. Each aspect of the jacket can change color via HUD. Be unique and style it your own way! Last but not least, Speakeasy has been MIA from the blog for some time now, but I’m glad to welcome JamesEdwardQ Resident back to the sponsor list with these yellow/anchored pants.  James likes to keep the bloggers busy, so Speakeasy will be in quite a few of the next posts, I’m sure.


Hair :: Unorthodox – S-Curl Black NEW!Hair Fair – Harbour – Unorthodox

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Guapo Full Beard Design 2

Tattoo :: G O L A #Scchhh! * NEW!Boys of Summer

Jacket :: [R3] – Michael Jacket [V3] w/HUD NEW!

Pants :: Speakeasy :: Anchor print jeans NEW!

Shoes :: / XIAJ / Canvas Sneakers (Oatmeal)  NEW! Boys of Summer

Pose :: Poseology – Jumpin’ Jack 6 NEW!Boys of Summer