Lucien Marcelo

Too Sexy For My Igloo

Depraved Nation presents …



December 13th is opening day for the wonderland of winter shopping, but I have a few previews for you guys.  Image Essentials is responsible for this amazing igloo scene. The igloo itself has various single poses, as you can see by my subtle yet striking stance, and Jayden grabbed one of the single animations. The antlers are courtesy of Happyface. Many designs, all are interesting and beautiful in their own ways. If you zoom in close enough, you just might get lost in my baby blues. It’s the vortex lenses from Chus! Make sure you look for them and other out-of-this-world designs. Lastly, Reckless also has some t-shirts that will be available for the guys, carrying around the many bags their ladies are sure to pick up along their FROST shopping spree. So save those pennies, boys and girls! Just a few more days until the madness begins.


Jayden’s Swag

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IE – The Igloo NEW! @ FROST

Jules’ Swag

Antlers :: :hf: “Solstice” Antlers // Carib NEW! @ FROST

Beanie :: .:Hermony:. / Oversized Beanie / Black

Eyes :: Chus! Time Lenses in Vortex NEW! @ FROST

Beard :: Unorthodox – Full beard

Scarf :: [R3] – January Scarf [V2] NEW! @ The Jewelry and Accessory Expo

Shirt :: .Reckless.– White Flannel Tee NEW! @ FROST

Jeans :: {EPIC} Skinny Jeans Bootcut – Dark Blue

Boots :: Lucien.Marcelo // SUEDE ZIPPED MILITARY BOOTS

On My Way

To all my American Swagsters out there, Thanksgiving eve is upon us! Tomorrow many of you will be trekking from state to state, city to city, house to house in order to join loved ones at the dinner table to give thanks. I won’t be traveling anywhere, but I will have my thankful ass in front of a beautiful spread of delicious grub, surrounded by my huge family. I encourage everyone, American and not, to share who or what you’re thankful for this holiday season. Oh, and make sure to check out these new items featured below.



Cap :: LEVENCHY – Leather Panel Cap (ribbed) NEW!

Sideburns/Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Flex Burns w/Chin Hair

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Time Heals All NEW!

Chain :: Vexiin – Jesus Piece NEW!

Coat :: [Deadwool] Corto coat – red (shirt option included) NEW!

Jeans :: [Pumpkin]Patched skinnies

Boots :: Lucien.Marcelo // SUEDE ZIPPED MILITARY BOOTS



Pose :: ‘Blvck Anchor’ – Bag Hold

Out, Damned Spot

A chapter of my SecondLife/Real Life has come full circle. Relationships come and go, some out of your control and some because you know your efforts and feelings would be better invested elsewhere. Though rocky for the most part, my past placed me on a very specific path to where I am at this very moment. All things happen for a reason and therefore regrets quickly turn obsolete. You live and you learn as I have and I am thankful for the lessons that have been stuffed into my  stubborn head. I would gladly repeat those tough times day in and day out if I knew that the ones I now hold dear would still be here, waiting for me once I stepped out of the storm. My life is nowhere near close to where I wish to be and that’s okay. I get closer and closer each and everyday with the love and support I have around me, lifting me up. It’s about time I begin to think about myself. I’ve washed my hands of what’s happened before. Time to live in the now and look forward to what lies ahead.

Ok, serious rant over. Check out the swag below!



Hair :: Unorthodox – High Low Hightop Mesh NEW!

Shades :: Legal Insanity – Shane Sunglasses – black/red NEW! @ The Body Modification Expo

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear

Nose Ring :: AITUI – Septum Ring – Uneven NEW!

Arm Tattoo :: .Identity.  – First Show  [Male]  Fresh NEW! @ The Body Modification Expo

Knuckle Tattoos :: Elska – Slink Hand appliers Press Play NEW!

Tank :: LEVENCHY – Sleeveless WhiteShirt NEW! @ The Limitee

Jeans :: {EPIC} Skinny Jeans Bootcut – Dark Blue

Boots :: Lucien.Marcelo // SUEDE ZIPPED MILITARY BOOTS NEW! @ The Mens Dept.


Pose :: Elephante Poses – Brayden NEW! @ The Body Modification Expo