Making My Way Back

Making My Way Back :: Unorthodox - DAPPA - DOZZE - EPIA - Speakeasy

Hair :: Unorthodox – Frohawk – Honeycomb & Chocolate HB NEW! @ Swag Fest 2

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Sleepless Tattoo NEW!

Shirt :: DOZZE – Hugo Polo Shirt NEW!

Backpack :: (epia) – Turtle Backpack NEW!

Pants :: DAPPA – Capris – TRILL NEW! @ The Thrift Shop 6.0

Pose :: Anchor & Co.

Follow Your Lead

Lots of events coming at you, Swagsters!

Be sure to check out Project Limited, Suicide Dollz, The Gacha Mania and, of course, Hair Fair! With each wig purchase, 25% will be donated to Wigs for Kids. Happy shopping!

Follow Your Lead :: Hair Fair - Project Limited - The Gacha Mania - Suicide Dollz


Hair :: UNORTHODOX Fizz Curls – Noir with Mohawk HB – Chocolate NEW! @ Hair Fair

Eyebrows :: Unorthodox Worries Eyebrows

Nose Piercing :: DAPPA – Septum v2 (Black) NEW! @ Project Limited

Facial Hair :: Speakeasy :: Swav Facial hair Black

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Fuk the system Tat NEW! @ Suicide Dollz

Jeans :: ..::: JuSt CoOl :::..Leon Hot Pants

Snapback :: [BUC] “King of Hearts” Fifty-5C Snapback RARE NEW! @ The Gacha Mania

Sneakers :: FLite. Masters Red NEW! @ Project Limited

Pose :: the pose shop. 16 NEW!

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Just Think About It, Take A Second

Just Think About It, Take A Second :: SwaggedOut - 22769

Eyebrows :: Unorthodox – Manscape Raised (right)

Face Tat :: SwaggedOut – Cross Tat

Facial Hair :: {Fe Style} Facial Hair – 8ED/2

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Sea Bound for Death Tat

Hoodie/Hair :: [Pumpkin]Urban Hoodie NEW!

Sweatpants :: [Pumpkin] Sweatpants NEW!

Shoes :: SwaggedOut – Slips SKULLS NEW!

Sofa :: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bali Rattan Relax Sofa NEW!  @ The Liason

Gazebo :: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bali Beach Gazebo NEW!  @ The Liason

House :: (epia) – Boat House RARE NEW! @ The Arcade

Now Get This Work

Growing up sucks. lol Honestly, though. Can we all just go back to the days where our biggest worry was what the cafeteria ladies concocted for lunch that day or if you could finish all your chores before your parents returned home. Now you have responsibilities, obligations, bills, expectations, wants, needs, desires, etc, etc, etc. All the dreams you had when you were young, these are the times when you begin working towards seeing those become a reality. So as reality keeps knocking on my hard head, I have to learn to keep the dreams alive and well but on the sidelines. Always where I can keep a close eye on them, but there are more important things, obstacles, steps that I need to make before go back and grab everything that I want, that I first saw in my dreams. It’s not going to happen if I don’t work to make it happen.

What does all this have to do with today’s SL fashion looks? Not a damn thing! LOL I do appreciate you reading, though! Be sure to check out the events popping up around the grid and grab your copies of these new releases.


Now Get This Work :: Speakeasy - MOH4 - The Thrift Shop 5.0


Facial Hair :: {Fe Style} Facial Hair – 8ED/6 // NEW! @ SHE*HIM

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Posers Fall InLove tat NEW!


(all NEW & available in the MOH4)

Snapback :: [BUC] – Men Only Hunt 4 Item

Glasses :: [Z O O M] Weed’s Wood Sunglass

Swim Trunks :: flow . Swimming Trunks

Sandals :: Elysium – Arne sandals – light brown


Pose :: Juxtapose – Leverage 5 NEW! @ The Thrift Shop 5.0 (June 8th)


Now Get This Work :: MOH4 - The Arcade


Hair Base :: Unorthodox – Frenchie Hard Edges NEW!

Tattoo (Neck) :: DAPPA – Lotus Tattoo. – NEW! MOH4 Item

Tattoo (Sleeves) :: SOURIRES TATTOOS. – Phoenix TATTOO –


Necklace :: Anchor & Co. Guitar chains White

Shorts :: Spirit Store – Maxim shorts [GRAY]


Skateboard :: {what next} Classic Skateboard NEW! @ The Arcade

What Now

What Now :: Blvck Anchor - ILLMATIC - Speakeasy


Hair :: ILLMATIC :: Frenchie – Chestnut NEW! @ Kustom9

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Skilled Sailor Tattoo NEW!


Shirt :: ‘Blvck Anchor’ CTO Red NEW! @ Penumbra Fashion Week (May 25th)

Jeans :: [AB] Summer Jeans Black


Poses :: Anchor & Co. – Tilt & Chillin

Anchor Down

Anchor Down :: American Bazaar - Illmatic - Unorthodox - FLite - She & Him


Hair :: ILLMATIC :: Frenchie – Chocolate with Noir hairbase NEW! @ Kustom9

Ears :: Speakeasy– Modified Ears NEW!

Tattoo :: SOURIRES TATTOOS. – Dark cloud TATTOO NEW! @ She & Him


Bracelet & Ring :: -FAUN- Tora Unisex Set -Silver- NEW! @ Kustom9

Shirt :: [AB] SS with tie Plaid NEW!The Dark Style Fair

Sweats :: Apple May Designs – Bummin’ It – Blue

Sandals :: FLite.-Resorts Black Mens NEW! @ Kustom9


Poses :: Unorthodox

Just Another Day

Just Another Day :: Speakeasy - She & Him - SwaggedOut - Tic-Tot-Toe - Unorthodox



Freckles :: Unorthodox Face & Chest Freckles NEW!

Cheek Kiss :: Unorthodox Lipstick cheek kiss NEW!

Tattoo :: SwaggedOut – Life and Death Tat NEW!


Hat/Headphones :: [TTT] – Gaming Headphone Hat COMING SOON!

Choker :: Anchor & Co. Guitar Pick Chain Black NEW! @ The Dark Style Fair (MAY 17TH)

Hoodie/Shirt :: Speakeasy :: illum. Hoodie NEW! @ The Dark Style Fair (MAY 17TH)

Shorts :: Spirit Store – Maxim shorts NEW! @ She & Him

Shoes :: [monso] My Fancy Slip On NEW!TMD


Pose :: Unorthodox Poses

Caught Up in a Dream

Damn, reality caught up to me and has seriously put my butt in check. So much to catch up with and show ya’ll! Whatever free time I have will be spent blogging and creating for the store. Got some great ideas I need to make happen SOON!

Look #1

Caught Up in a Dream :: AITUI - Unorthodox - Speakeasy


Hair :: Unorthodox – Fli Guy Mohawk NEW!

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Seven Deadly Sins NEW!


Glasses :: AMD – Broken Nerd Glasses – Red

Cardigan :: AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY – Spring Cardigan – Black NEW!

Shorts :: [ BarmaleY ] pants_Karlo_Brown


Poses :: Unorthodox :: Chance & Alex NEW!

Look #2

Caught Up in a Dream :: Fe Style - Deadwool - Speakeasy


Cap :: [Deadwool] Vinicio cap – dark grey NEW!

Shirt :: {Fe Style} BBB1 – Tee V.2 NEW! @ Fi*Fridays