Where It All Begins

Where It All Begins :: DAPPA - Deadwool - MOM - Unorthodox

Hair :: HOMAGE — MR MS : Noir

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Miyagi

Tattoo :: DAPPA – Busted Tattoo. NEW! @ MOM

Bracelet :: AITUI – Buckled Bracelet NEW! 

Shirt :: [Deadwool] Hugo shirt – dark blue NEW! @ MOM

Pants :: [Deadwool] The Dandy – formal trousers – blanket grey

Shoes :: Flite. Yacht Shoes – Gray/Black – TMP Mens NEW! @ N21

Pose :: IDK – Pack #27

Location :: Your Mom’s Club & AvMatch

Packin’ Heat

Packin' Heat :: Deadwool - Reckless - American Bazaar - Vestige


Hair :: [NSD] Justin Hair/Noir

Eyebrows :: Unorthodox – V triple cut Eyebrows (tint)

Piercings :: :HV: M: Smug [Metal/Decay] NEW!100 Block

Tattoo :: .Reckless. – West Coast High NEW!


Shirt :: [Deadwool] Marlon T-shirt – white chalk – v1 (brown susp.) NEW!

Cuff :: Intrepid:: Proclamation Cuff

Jeans :: [AB] Baggy Jeans – Black NEW!100 Block


Badge :: [TRB] Police Badge

Weapon :: [TRB] Holster w/prop gun

Poses :: Vestige – Pier 11 NEW! @ Fi*Fridays

Shield Me

Shield Me :: 100 Block - SwaggedOut - Reckless - The Comic Fair


Tattoo :: .Reckless. – Rich As Fuck Tat NEW!


Beanie :: SwaggedOut – Slouch Beanie – Waldo RARE Gacha NEW!

Shades :: [geek.] Stan Lee, you Genius Glasses Classic NEW! @ The Comic Fair [OPENS 4-15]

Chain :: *** Just You Jewels *** Necklace Closed Heart

Sweater :: etham – Jared Sweater  NEW! @ 100 Block

Jeans :: [NW] low baggy jeans


Pose :: Dyer Maker Fashion & Couple Poses – Super Hero Couple Pose Gachas – NEW! @ The Comic Fair [OPENS 4-15]

Find Jayden’s credits HERE.

A Song For You

Check this out, fellas! Retro’ has set out two gacha machines at the Autumn OriMeCre Event. One is a handbag for the ladies and the other is a tank top for the guys that comes in 12 different colors/patterns. The one seen below is called Criminal, notice the chalk outline of, apparently, the bad guy who didn’t run fast enough.  These tanks are only 50L each, but you must keep in mind that gachas are highly addictive, so make sure you save up your lindens!


Tattoo :: -Valley Park- Ally Moss (Black)

Tank :: Retro’ – gym tank criminal NEW! @ OriMeCre

Jeans :: .:SS:. Dark Ripped Rocker Jeans

Tempted Fate

“A thousand times I tempted fate …” – 30 Seconds to Mars, “Up in the Air”

Have you ever tried for something over and over and over, wanting so much to succeed, yet find yourself hitting a brick wall? Yeah, I know we’ve all been there.  Whether in SecondLife or the real deal, it’s life.The times you try and fail cannot orchestrate your fate. It’s in these times that one finds the true strength and confidence to press on, out of the shadows, unafraid to take chances, unafraid to breathe in the new opportunities that present themself each and every day. As they say, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life! I plan on finding the silver lining in things, learning from mistakes, noticing the little things and maybe then my intimidations’ efforts will fail to phase me.


Shape :: .Identity. Male Shape -Dave @ 100 Block

Hair :: eep . hair 006 . wood5

Eyebrows :: Unorthodox Crooked Eyebrows NEW!

Ears :: [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver4

Hands :: [CheerNo] Hands_V3_#4_S_L

Mask :: :Z.S: Steampunk Gas Mask Solids NEW!

Tattoo :: TATTOO ART *RockStar tattoo* dark

Jacket :: DOZZE – Leather Jacket *MESH* (Grey)

Pants :: AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY – Loose Change Pants

Feet :: JOMO MESH men’s foot

Pose :: Unorthodox – Bless 4 NEW!

She’s been a bad, bad girl …

Big designers doing big things this week! First up, Speakeasy has just released mesh gauged ears. With just a click, not only can you change the texture of the ear to 7 different shade, but you also have the option of 20 gauge colors. I would say they’re a good “grab it and go” type of ear that’s nicely made. Next is the face fuzz. ::Fe Style:: is showcasing yet another facial hair at this round of Fi*Fridays, starting tomorrow. So get your own before your chin looks like everyone else’s. Last on the list are the jeans. These bad boys can be found at Drunk Devil.


As a bonus, I’d like to point out this tattoo from B*Fly Tattoos. This mesh Bad Girl tatt is only half of the package. Her Good Girl counterpart will pop up in a later post. Bad is just more fun. 😉


Hair :: [Atro Patena] – Chris_Brown (resize)

Ears :: Speakeasy :: MESH Gauged half inch EARS NEW!

Facial Hair :: ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair – 3ED – 8 (NEW! @ Fi*Fridays tomorrow)

Tattoo :: B*FLY – Bad Girl/Good Girl Mesh Sleeve – New Ink (R/M)

Jeans :: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ Black ~ MESH Jean#3 (boxers included) NEW!

Pose :: D.Luxx – Intrigue 08

Just lion around…

Been just a little busy, but it’s all good. Skyler and I have some awesome ideas for posts coming up soon. For now, I’ve got a double dose of Drunk Devil for you guys. This jacket and the jeans are available in a variety of colors, which I love because everyone knows how I enjoy mixing it up! Please, make sure to check the store out both in-world and on marketplace. Mix Lost Angel (Robotxx Resident) offers cool street fashions for both guys and girls, lucky chairs and group gifts. The holidays are over, so go splurge on yourself!


Hair :: ::Exile:: Revolver:Pecan

Hairbase :: **JOMO** etched hair 02a

Ears :: :Z.S: Plain Single ear Size 1 NEW!

Necklace :: MALE[MANDALA]SHAMIRA DOG TAG necklace/Black

Tattoo :: [DossiEr] Tattoo Terror . Fresh

Jacket :: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ Red ~ MESH Jacket

Key Chain :: <kal rau> Key chain_V.I.P Members_Red

Jeans :: ..::Drunk Devil ::.. ~ Grey ~ MESH Jean#3 NEW!

Shoes :: .:SS:. HIGH TOP CHUCK LL (color changing)

Gimme Some Mohawk

Heads up, guys! New items at Unorthodox, .:SS:. Spearsong and [Sleepy Bozer]!

Note that this particular S.B. tattoo will be available at 350L for a limited time now at a brand new in-world location. Plus, these Spearsong jeans are also available without the paint, for those of you who opt for a more clean look.

Black-Blue_001 copy

Hair :: Unorthodox – Mohawk NEW!

(Want more from Kutz/Unorthodox? Check out the official Blog and Facebook Page)

Glasses :: ::Fe Style:: Black Glasses (Mesh)

Piercings :: [IC] – Piercings Set .:OBLIVION:. – UNISEX

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Full Beard 4

Tattoo :: [Sleepy Bozer] Ocean Moon (NEW! @ 350L for limited time!)


Shoes :: 2Real – Stackz

40 Winks by the Fire

Here’s hoping your hump day was a happy one, ShiZz Stalkers!

It’s time to wind down here at OhMahShiZz, but I can still share some sweet fashions with you guys. Our newest sponsor, Speakeasy, tossed some swag my way. Hop over to the Marketplace store, after reading this post of course. 😀 But there, you can grab tattoos such as this one that come in various layers for both fresh and faded ink. And don’t think the cool shizz stops there because these pants are awesome. Find them in this tan color and black.


Hair :: ::Exile:: Revolver:Pecan

Glasses :: ::Fe Style:: Black Glasses (Mesh)

Piercings :: [IC] – Piercings Set .:OBLIVION:. – UNISEX

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Chinstrap 2

(Want more from Kutz/Unorthodox? Check out the official Blog and Facebook Page)

Tattoo :: Speakeasy :: Captain Of Your Seas Tattoo (Fresh)

Pants :: Speakeasy :: Baggy skinnys

Pose :: [Expressive Poses] – Paolo 1