Shock the System

Hey Swagsters! I came up with some pretty interesting looks for you all today. Inspired by releases from R3volt, Underdogs and Speakeasy, swag and sinister seems to be meshing together fairly well.


The Axel Shirt & Scarf from [R3] come as separates, allowing for you to wear the shirt alone or pair the scarf with a completely different outfit. With added HUD, the colors and patterns of each piece can be altered. I’ve paired them with the Get Wild Trousers w/Suspenders that [UD] dropped last night. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns which accent the suspenders and back pockets. Speakeasy is thinking ahead with its latest tattoo Zombie Feast with face add-on options. Within the package, you’ll find different shades and layers for both the torso piece as well as two versions of face ink.


Now that you have the look, take your chance through the London Dungeon, reliving the murders of Jack the Ripper!

Hair :: Unorthodox – Ponytail balled-up high

Horns :: [ContraptioN] – Walton’s Parade: Great Taurus Horns Set

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Guapo Goatee

Cig :: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette

Hands :: SLink – AvEnchance Hands Male – Relax

Tattoo :: Speakeasy – Zombie Feast (Male) NEW!

Shirt & Scarf :: [R3] – Axel Shirt [V2] NEW!

Pants :: [UD] – Get Wild Trousers w/Suspenders (Leopard) NEW!

What Normality?

Normality? “Fuck Normality!” as Fe Style shows here on one of many previously released beanies. SecondLife is everything BUT normal and my friends and I have definitely witnessed that lately. With events such as The Arcade, The Mens Dept. and She & Him making the rounds, the shopping trips have generated unforgettable gatherings at the home sim shared between myself, my girlfriend and two close friends. It’s the hangout spot for all our friends, both as a group and individually, to get together and just do and say the most random things we can come up with. It’s awesome! So, I’m going to dedicate this one to my crazy ass friends.


Beanie :: ::Fe Style:: Beanie – Fuck Normality

Shades :: ::theACAPULCOgold.:: – LasVegas – Street – Black

Teeth :: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0

Facial Hair ::  ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair 6ED – 02 Brown NEW! @ SHE & HIM

Tattoo :: AITUI TATTOO – Attack of the Bugz! NEW!

Ring :: :Z.S: Crow skull ring NEW!

Sweats :: .:villena:. – jogging pants gray NEW!

Feet :: [CheerNo] Feet v.3_Fit Mesh

Pose :: {.: exposeur:.} Oh Boy 3

How to Shop with Your Girlfriend

Lying here, supervising as my girlfriend scurries about the Fi*Fridays event of the week, picking out her favorite must-haves for the week, my mind slips into reality. Tensions have been high lately and stress has been lurking right around the corner just waiting for the best possible moment to spring into action, but I may have stalled it awhile longer. Family, while annoying at times for one in their young adult life, can often times be the one thing you need. I’m thankful to have had them around today to ease my mind. I received some of the best advice from one of my cousins. She said, “Don’t ever let someone discourage you from doing what you love to do.” She looked me dead in the eye and made sure I knew that she was serious. I understand that many are knocked down everyday by the unsupportive, that all they needed was that one person to say “Go for it!” and truly, truly mean it. Not just the generic pat on the back, saying you can do whatever you put your mind to. No, you need someone who sees your interest and believes in you. I found that support today and it feels so comforting to know that there is someone I can count on when I just might need it.

Ok, enough deep thought for today. Check out some new ink, accessories and threads from Reckless, Atooly and LEVENCHY!


Hair :: ICONIC – Gannicus

Bandana :: [Avoid] *MESH* Bandana – Black

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Solid Plug 1″

Face Tattoo :: .Reckless. – Reckless Fuck Face NEW!

Piercings :: .Pekka. Radioactive Unisex Piercing – BLACK

Facial Hair :: ICONIC – Gannicus – Full Beard (included within hair package)

Tattoo :: [Sleepy Bozer] Black Sheep Dirty

Bracelets :: [Atooly] – Bead Bracelets – Black NEW! @ SLFW

Hands :: [CheerNo] Hands_M#4

Tank ::  .Reckless. – tank Nothing Lasts NEW!

Shorts :: LEVENCHY – Pattern II Shorts NEW!

Shoes :: 2Real – DECAZ

Indonesian Temple and Random Ramblings

I can honestly say that I have never been to an Indonesian temple and I most likely will never have the RL chance to visit one. Yet with the creativity of those actually make things, and are good at it, in SecondLife, I have my chance. Look, I even made a new friend! Not one of these new items are necessarily anything that I’m required to blog for anyone, really. I simply tossed a look together and, by process of elimination, found a cool spot to take a picture in and voila! here you have it. That’s really how most if not all of my blogging goes. I don’t plan things. I open up the inventory and just start adding and detaching and replacing this and deleting that. Whatever comes of it and strikes me as cool is what I show you guys. To me, it comes across as more real, I think. I know that’s how I get dressed in the real world. How about you?


Hair/Hat :: [Atro Patena] – Bang Bang_Brown NEW!

Hairbase :: eep . hair base . male . browns . tintable

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Tunnel Hybrid 1″

Glasses :: TBF Sunglasses – The Grid NEW! @ Room 326 Mad Pea 

Facial Hair :: ::Fe Style:: – Facial Hair 3ED – 5

Piercings :: :Hebenon Vial: MALE MOD: Against the Stream [Ink] *Mesh*

Tattoo :: [boss] Tattoo – The end is near [Fresh] – She&Him 

Shirt :: Razor /// Rebel Button Up NEW! @  Seraphim Social

Pants :: UrbnWMaleMeshSkinnyPants – Nudie-ThinnFinn – Gray NEW!Boys of Summer

Shoes :: 2Real – Decaz NEW!

Hidden In Plain Sight


Shape :: [BODY FACTORY] Chicharito Shape (m) Mouth 02 @ Boys of Summer

Hat :: Legal Insanity – ascot flat cap Funky w/HUD NEW!

Tattoo :: .Identity.  – Evil Inside  [Faded] NEW! @She & Him

Shirt :: MUSCHI – Restful (T-shirt) black

Pants :: Legal Insanity – byron loose pants – pinstripes rubine NEW!

Shoes :: 2Real – HOLBROOKZ

Pose :: Apple Spice – Cocky Male Pose 008 NEW!Boys of Summer

Hood up, Suspenders down

I’d like to give Brad Edring, owner of –[[FAME]]–, a shout out for tossing this new Adidaz hoodie at me in a matter of, maybe, 15 minutes after he told me he was working on something new. The dude is talented. Make sure you take a look at that marketplace store, pick up some swag and support him. In other news, your boi reeled in ANOTHER awesome sponsor. Please welcome ..::: JuSt CoOl :::.. to the OhMahShizz list. Skyler and I are seriously working hard to bring you bigger and better shizz.

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Chinstrap 2

(Want more from Unorthodox? Check out the official Blog and Facebook Page)

Tattoo :: B*FLY – Desire Sleeves Tattoo

Hoodie :: –[[FAME]]–Addidaz[Red]-SleevlessHoodie-Mesh

Pants :: ..::: JuSt CoOl :::..Leon Hot Pants

Shoes :: 2Real – Stackz

Pose :: [Expressive Poses] – For Men 1 – FREE

I’ve been told that I’m random…

What you see is what you get. I logged online today only to be hit with a gay gun. Yes, a gay gun. The word “gay” in rainbow colors was being slammed into my pixel body as I stood in my living room thanks to my sister Tia. This turned into an all-out war of random things, such as smurfs and city buses, being shot between the two of us and Tia’s boifriend Ricky Ronnie Bobby, or RRB for short. Hence this bat I’m holding. As I sat in a random chair, randomly shirtless as it snowed, holding a random bat I thought to myself, “this is my life.”

I’m sporting a brand new release from [Sleepy Bozer] tattoos which just opened a new location. Make sure you hop over to this less laggy spot. Plus! We have added yet ANOTHER new sponsor. Say hello to LogiQue, designer of the now infamous Rudolph sweater seen in my Stocking Stuffer post. You can also pick up this cap at Nox Rage’s marketplace listing until the new store is set up.


Hat :: !X! Pornstar Fitted Cap (aka LogiQue)

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Solid Plug 1″

Tattoo :: [Sleepy Bozer] Crest

Boxers :: AITUI – Verge Boxer Briefs – Onyx.

Pants :: AAHAKEE_CarbonMPD_Unisex

Pixlights and Pac-Man

So Skyler and I were hanging out last night, doing what we do best, SHOPPING! I dropped her in this mega store of stores, Pixlights Factory, which I’m sure many of you have heard of. If not, then get familiar because they’re going to be featured quite a bit on OhMahShizz from here on out. They have EVERYTHING. Clothing, accessories, furniture, DJ equipment, lights and even a fog machine! I know right. Blew my mind. Anyways, this particular Pac-Man jacket is a Pixlights creation that can be found at The Mens Dept. right now. Great fit, great color and the features truly standout. Matched up with a new ‘do from ::Exile:: and a sweet ride from GLITTERATI and I’m good to go!


Hat/Hair :: ::Exile:: Days Go By:Raven

Jacket :: Pixlights Factory – Casual Jacket (MESH) PAC BLUE (@ The Mens Dept.)

Shorts :: BALKANIK2.0 – MALEBAGGY_SHORT_ WhiteJeans

Tattoo :: Letis Tattoo :: ETERNITY (fullbody)

Pose :: GLITTERATI – Supercar – Passion

Just wasting time…

Two posts in one day, I’m on a roll! I was minding my own business, wasting the day away on SecondLife (as so many of us do) when I got a random notice from the Menstuff group. Mesh cargo pants that come in 5 sizes and 12 colors for 250L each or 600L for a pack at a store I’d never heard of. Like the shopaholic that I’ve turned into (thanks Skyler), I hopped over, bought the demo, fell in love with the demo and purchased these pants. They’re long with big side pockets and they make you look like you’re good with your hands. You know, like a carpenter. Minds out of the gutter, people. I’ve paired them with a FREE shirt from flow. Told you I would be keeping an eye on this place.

Hair :: [CheerNo] Meshair Lex – Dark 3.3

Piercings :: ~S.N.G~ Curved eyebrow bar (black)

Ears :: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Tunnel Hybrid 1″

Piercings :: [IC] Piercings Set .:OBLIVION:. – UNISEX

Facial Hair :: Unorthodox – Chinstrap 2

Tattoo :: B*FLY – Pure Pleasure Tattoo – Faded

Shirt :: flow . Hood Tee – Free

Right Arm :: Uncut – Cross Bracelet – Black Pearl

Left Arm :: flow . Wrist Left [plain]

Pants :: “Aa” Cargo dark

Shoes :: GizzA – Sports Shoes – Mesh [Black]